Senior Analyst- Technical Writer – DELL – Singapore


• Writes Edit structure modules for Software / Hardware that has moderate
level of complex features or components.
• Maintains content topics or module that have moderately complex features or
• Conducts interviews with various users and technical staff to gather data
for documentation.
• Researches and translates technical information into manuals and/or web-
based documents for non-technical and technical users.
• Moderate level of complex work with daily direction by management or senior
level team members

• Ability to manage multiple projects that are simple in scope.

_Additional Job Description_

• Writes- edits and proofs hardcopy and online documents for consistency.
Examples: reference documents for hardware and software products- code- user
interface tests- white papers- Application Program Interface and Command Line
Interface Documentation- online help systems.
• Ensures all deliverables are technically and mechanically accurate.
• Collaborates with department team members- engineering- marketing- services-
legal- regulatory and others to develop content for standard documentation
sets- software and special initiatives in-line with the development cycle.
• Creates and manages document schedules- content management- and information
architecture. • Defines processes for content modification- content
globalization- content sensitivity- content accessibility / disability (508).
• Maintains content- tools- application access- account administration- and
workflow administration.
• More experienced writers may train outside business groups as needed on
tools- applications- reporting- and content workflow needs.
• Defines- ratifies- documents and monitors Dell documentation management
processes and procedures to comply with ISO and internal quality standards.

Job Family: Engineering Job ID: R63142