2020 Intern – F10 PEE WET 1 – MICRON – Singapore


Req. ID: 141663
Etching Profile Monitor in SPACE Images
As the semiconductor requires more layers of stacks with shrinking CD- the
wafer etching uniformity control is becoming crucial for good yield
performance. Wet etching process is one of the key processes that impacts due
to process and hardware variation. In current practice of troubleshooting and
process characterization- engineers typically performs intensive data
extraction- reformatting and analyzes wafer etching rate by region. This
procedure is tedious and time consuming. To improve on the productivity and
detection capability- our goal is to develop an application to provide visual
visibility on wafer etching profile images and detect deviation through SPACE

§ Scope: The student will assist to develop an application to monito

inline SPACE charts (Scatter- Thickness- Etch Rate) for non-production as wel

as production wafers through images`. And correlate this data into production
Run to Run system to automate the upstream/downstream compensation. The
student would be introduced to the key process before commencing the project.
In the course of work- the student will have an opportunity to work with
engineers from various departments.

§ Deliverable: Enhance the SPACE software to have etch profile monitoring
capability by image and integrate into run to run system for process quality

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without
regard to race- color- religion- sex- sexual orientation- gender identity-
national origin- veteran or disability status.