2020 Intern – F10 Facilities (Control) – MICRON – Singapore


Req. ID: 140621
IIoT is the hottest talk in town. And all IoT projects starts from the ability
to sense the perimeter in query- and collecting the data before
analyzing/interpretating it. There are 2 projects inline with this topic: (1)
Vibration monitoring and (2) Partial discharge (PD) monitoring.
Project #1: Vibration sensors
Vibration monitoring a crucial perimeter for rotating machines- using
accelerometers to measure changes in Amplitude- Frequency- and Intensity of
forces that damage rotating equipment. Studying vibration measurements is a
useful indicator for users to discover imbalance- looseness- misalignment- or
bearing wear in equipment prior to failure- a crucial factor to reduce cos

and improve equipment reliability.

Project #2: Partial discharge (PD) monitoring

PD is a condition based monitoring of an electrical discharge or spark that
bridges a small portion of the insulation between two conducting electrodes-
and can happen at any point in the insulation system- where the electric field
strength exceeds the breakdown strength of that portion of the insulating
material. Insulation failure is one of the principal causes of forced outages
for switchgear- dry type transformers- and generators- which result in
considerable damage and lost revenues.


Students will be assigned to one of the above projects- and gain 1st hand
experience of Critical Facilities operations with hands-on opportunity to work
on advanced industry equipment. He/She will need to understand current
Facilities UPW Operations/Maintenance and in the course of work- the
opportunity to work with engineers from other departments- and experience
actual equipment maintenance. He/She will also be able to learn how to use
statistical tools- and software for operations.


To identify opportunities and innovative solutions to improve current
Facilities equipment without compromising Safety and Quality. Develop Best
Known Method to improve equipment uptime and reduce premature failures.

This position is open to Interns only.

GJS: Intern

Hiring Manager: Zack Chai

Location: Fab 10W- Singapore

Closing Date: Until Filled

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without
regard to race- color- religion- sex- sexual orientation- gender identity-
national origin- veteran or disability status.